Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Happenings In Our Classroom

 We are learning to write our name during writing time. It's very important that we remember only the first letter is capitalized and every one afterwards is lowercase.

We are learning how to take care of our classroom by throwing our trash in our trash buckets. We are keeping all the little critters out of our room by keeping it clean!

We are helping each other figure things out.

A lot of helping figure things out. ;)

There is a lot of "free" learning time where we can play with our white boards and markers, draw pictures, play games, and create fancy letters.

There's a lot of new things going on. Things we've never done before. That's why we are listening very closely to follow directions the first time. Mistakes are OK too.

We use a lot of glue.

We cut more than we glue. And it's not easy!! Some of us have never used scissors before, so it takes a little longer than others. But, like everything else, that's OK too. We are learning so much already.

Even better, we are learning to be thinkers and doers. Pretty soon, we are going to be able to do this all by ourselves.

And that's AWESOME!!

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  1. Looks like they've been busy! :)