Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Happy Holidays!


Thank you for all your hard work and support this 2015 school year! I cannot tell you how important you are in your child's education and when we work together, there's nothing that cannot be accomplished.

For all the parents who brought items in to decorate and design Christmas trees, thank you! Your little ones had a BLAST getting dirty and decorating!!

Parents, before we finish up the 2015 school year and as we move into 2016, please update your child's supplies. You may bring these in with your child the first week we come back in January. A few things that EVERY child needs are: dry erase markers, glue sticks, and crayons. Your child can never have too many of these supplies!! These supplies will go into your child's storage bag for them to use only, unless you mark as supplies that go to the entire classroom.

Also remember to continue working on sight words over the break. I included an unchecked copy of sight words in your child's communication folder. This is for you to keep at home. Check the words your child can say (WITHOUT ANY PROMPTS OR HELP). Work on the ones they do not know. Learning sight words helps your child in becoming a beginning reader and writer. Just take a look at these two students' writings!

 (The zoo is loud and it is shaped like a rectangle. This lion is noisy.)
 (The yo-yo looks awesome. The zoo is noisy. The x-ray looks awesome. The fox howls.)

Again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all your help and support at home. Your child's success depends on it. =)

Saturday, September 12, 2015

A Great First Week!

I have so enjoyed getting to know your children this week. This week we focused on learning how to work with each other and understanding the rules of our classroom. In discussion we talked about how to stay safe in the classroom and times we are silent and times we talk to our neighbors. We learned how to use our dry erase boards and put away markers so they don't dry out, as well as how to get around our building. 
All my students are unique and I have laughed more times than I can count at the things your littles have said. They truly brighten my day and are so eager to learn. Next week will bring homework, a study on letters B and M, numbers 0-3, and how to use lines to perfect name writing. If your child already knows these numbers and letters, we will be discussing words that begin with those letters, and perfecting how we write both numbers and letters. Continue to work with your child at home. You are the most valuable player in your child's education! 

Thank you to all the parents who have brought in extra snacks! You all are fantastic and have such a giving heart! And thank you to ALL parents, as you have made this week smooth and a success!

Have a great weekend and rest up for next week!
Mrs. O'Leary

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Welcome to Kindergarten

Many of you came to orientation, some with reservations and some with excited smiles. I am looking forward to this brand new school year with your child and know this will be the best year yet. The  kindergarten year is the time where students learn to love school through play, song, arts and crafts, and storytelling. Students come to my class excited about learning and most times don't even realize they are learning through all the fun.

I enjoy creating a growth-minded atmosphere for my students and myself. It is my goal to continuously grow as an educator in order to provide your child with the best education possible. With that said, I also believe and have seen that the highest growth in students comes from teachers who are willing and learning to adapt to meet student needs and parents who are also supporting their student and teacher at home. A parent or teacher working alone can achieve good things, but when both the parent and teacher work together, GREAT things can be achieved. I have seen this happen! Remember, "it takes a village." 

Keep in mind that I am here for any and all concerns you might have. Kindergarten is a big year for students and parents alike. I remember my daughter's first day of kindergarten like it was yesterday and I'll never forget that feeling of hesitation and excitement all in one bundled up mess. I knew what I wanted her teacher to be like and the expectations I had set upon her without even speaking them aloud. I know how you are feeling and I guarantee I have your child's best interest at heart. Even though we will work hard at our seats, we will also share many laughs, dances, wiggles, chants, and paint covered/marshmallowy/dirt filled hands.  

Thank you for all your emails letting me know how happy you were to meet me, as I was just as happy to meet you and your child. Have a fantastic weekend and I'll see you and/or your child on Tuesday!

Mrs. Kristin O'Leary

Thursday, August 20, 2015


Welcome Kindergarten Parents!
I am so excited to begin this school year with you and get to know you and your child.
As you navigate this website, you will find many useful links to use for your benefit.
I will begin giving homework the first week of school and every week afterwards on Sunday night or Monday mornings. These will be called Parents Letters.

PLEASE look around as I've made this website very useful. Begin working on sight words with your child. These will be useful when your child begins to read sentences. Use index cards and go through 5-10 per week with your child until he/she can say the word without assistance.

I am so excited about this new school year with you and your child! If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to email me at

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Before Our Big Break!

Your students are learning so many things during this holiday season!
We were excited about our new door makeover, and having coordinating snow globes with our neighbor, Mrs. Sante.

We have learned about patterns that repeat and patterns that grow.

We have learned about the greater than/less than sign that is a hungry alligator who likes to eat the biggest numbers.

We are still learning about making graphs and doing such a good job creating our own!

We are all working so hard before the holiday break!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Homeroom Happenings!

Today firefighters came to our school and let us see a lot of cool things they get to work with and do. We even got to see a fire truck!

We have been making words with cool things, like pull apart Twizzlers.

Some students just made letters.

We have been learning about the five senses. We made a hand to describe the kinds of things we touch: soft, rough, hard, fuzzy, and smooth.

We discovered our door was decorated like a scare crow!

We used a foldable to write numbers and represent them with objects.

Some of our artists have even painted self portraits!

We have been writing our name to get it just right.

Mrs. O'Leary's been drawing a lot about the five senses!

And we have even been making trees to show the difference from summer to fall!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Happenings In Our Classroom

 We are learning to write our name during writing time. It's very important that we remember only the first letter is capitalized and every one afterwards is lowercase.

We are learning how to take care of our classroom by throwing our trash in our trash buckets. We are keeping all the little critters out of our room by keeping it clean!

We are helping each other figure things out.

A lot of helping figure things out. ;)

There is a lot of "free" learning time where we can play with our white boards and markers, draw pictures, play games, and create fancy letters.

There's a lot of new things going on. Things we've never done before. That's why we are listening very closely to follow directions the first time. Mistakes are OK too.

We use a lot of glue.

We cut more than we glue. And it's not easy!! Some of us have never used scissors before, so it takes a little longer than others. But, like everything else, that's OK too. We are learning so much already.

Even better, we are learning to be thinkers and doers. Pretty soon, we are going to be able to do this all by ourselves.

And that's AWESOME!!